Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cosmania 2015

Cosmania 2015 wraps up as todays the second day of the much awaited yearly event. Still at the same venue SMX(Moa) wherein cosplayers joyfully marched to visit the 2 day event dated October  3 and 4, 2015. A lot of fun as always, specially seeing some familiar faces. Hope those who got a chance to drop by enjoyed the event same as me. I cosplayed as Sie Kensou from King of Fighters for this year. And again, I saw Mogumogu ahaha. Enjoy some of the pics I took while roaming around the SMX Cosmania 2015.
Entry area

Warm smiles awaiting your entry

The big bats

These dolls amaze me

Helmets anyone?


Lucky Chloe

Animax staff with ookun

Fellow cosplayer and officemate.

Bac2back with Chloe

We meet again mogumogu

And the weapons keep marching in