Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Volunteer for Haiyan victims

Yesterday I volunteered at Villamor Air Base and boy was it fun. Carrying sacks of relief goods to be delivered to victims of Haiyan. It was tough for I lasted for almost only 2 hours and was so tired when I got home, I spent over 12 hours sleeping. Hope many people would volunteer specially guys who are buffed since more people are needed in carrying the sacks of goods. I feel blessed that am able to help out in my own little way.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cosmania 2013 @ SMX

This years Cosplay Mania was held at SMX(for those who don't know yet, it's beside SM Mall of Asia). It's my first time to cosplay, and I chose Lorch Furholden of Granado Espada. I have a wig but I kinda feel like not wearing it hehe. Anyways, here's some pic from the event. And oh, thanks to Regie Gatus of Cospropz Cosplay Online shop for my Angel Shotgun and Alain de Leon for the vest logo's and emblem.



Angel shotty

Angel shotgun

Photo from one of the booth @ the event.

2 giant cameras :3

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cosplay here we go!

I'm planning to cosplay this coming September. I'll be cosplaying as Lorch Furholden of the game Granado Espada. I got the wig, the costume(lower part needs to be fixed with the correct cloth), suspenders....I still need blue contacts, a shotgun(replica) and hair color(for the eyebrows). Man, who would have thought that cosplaying is such a costly hobby >.< This will be my 1st and last cosplay this year...maybe next year again if I saved enough XD.

Friday, June 28, 2013


What could be more exciting than to see our Volcano boys included on this years Rugby World Cup Sevens. These boys are already in Russia : Kenneth Stern, Chris Bailey, Encantadora Rojo, Oliver Saunders, Gaz Holgate, Al Caravelli, Andrew James PeƱaflorida Wolff, Matty Saunders, Patrice Olivier, Michael Letts, Justin Thomas, Matt Cullen, Sean Lynch, Ryan Clarke, Jake Letts and Rico Barin.


For more news and update, check out the official page of our very own Philippine Volcanoes on this site  http://www.facebook.com/PhilippineRugby

Let's throw our support and wish them all the luck for today and tomorrows matches!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reel Time - Salat(Bone Dry)

This episode was so touching...and a real eye opener. 2 out of every 10 kids in the Philippines are malnourished. It breaks my heart to see kids like Mary Rose in such situation, but I can't do nothing for there's hundreds and thousands of kids like her in the city. Mary Rose - she needs to borrow soap from her neighbor; fall asleep during class because of hunger....I'm a guy but I cried when I watched such things she experienced with such a young age.

The real challenge now is for those elected, and are now comfortably sitting at the government......I believe that the government is turning it's face the other side due to the fact that it wants the children, our new hope to be ignorant due to hunger, that way they can easily manipulate  it's citizen later on. I wish that there's someone with a big huge heart, elected to step up and do something about this issue.

Mary Rose' aftermath - she's now studying with thanks to sponsors who gave new life to her and her family. Her highschool and college is already set up ;). I'm happy for her, sad part is the government ain't doing nothing about it.

OST of Salat:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A5N - Volcanoes won over UAE

7pm last Saturday May 18, 2013 is the 2nd home match of the A5N for our volcano boys. Amidst the sweat from heat and power failure(yup, just like the sueprbowl we experience it with less than 4 minutes remaining on the clock) our boys won over UAE, booyah! The fun part is seeing the growing number of fans and seeing faces of old acquintances like Sheryl and Kessica and making new friends as well. Thanks for the pics for those guys who tag me along in their cameras hehe. And see you guys again sometime soon.

Thanks to saberkite for the fila boardpic :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

A5N Philippine Volcanoes vs UAE 7pm today

I'm so excited to watch the 2nd home game of our very own volcanoes, I kinda missed the 1st match although I got the ticket T_T. Anyway I'm sure it's gonna be a blast and our boys will whoop em good and win the game. By the way, FILA is the latest sponsor of our volcano boys. See you guys later &pm at Rizal Memorial Stadium. ~rawr

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Raon Adventure

I went to Raon at Quiapo today around 3pm. I met up with a good friend of mine Kuya Marc. He's looking for an antenna and I accompany him. Before we go hunting, we ate the famous Lumpiang sariwa at Globe, not the telecom service its a lumpia specialty shop(they only serve lumpiang sariwa and it's so well known and famous it got featured in tv) and it was so good- yum!!! Then we go at Raon area and there I discovered the shops selling cheap videoke machines, gym equipments, and a lot more. It was fun roaming Quiapo, but if you guys are planning to visit be sure to be observant of the people around you.

Before heading home, I manage to grab a black onyx bracelet accessory. It's cheap costing P100 only at a stall inside Shop Wise Cubao.

Also, last Thursday I decided to get my left ear pierced. It wasn't that bad, it's like an ant is biting me for like 20 minutes, afterwards it's ok. I just need to put baby oil on my piercing though and it will take about a month before I can take off and replace my current stud earring. Main reason why I pierced my ear - I bought a pair of earring with sapphire stone and gave one to my brother. I definitely want to use the other 1 hehe.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Project Smile 2013 by IMS

This coming March 23, 2013, 40 kids will be the beneficiary of Project Smile(by IMS-Isang Minutong Smile). The objective of this project is to support these kids in their schooling by giving them school materials which they will use in the upcoming school year.

Aside from reading materials, you can donate school supplies such as:
-pad paper
-bond papers
-art papers...etc.

Reach out and kindly support these kids. You can coordinate with:
Maridel Mangaron – hartlesschiq@gmail.com
Zyra Bambico – blessedzyra@gmail.com

You can visit their official site:

Thank you and God bless ^_^

Monday, February 25, 2013

Castilla Mines Solo Raid / My 1st Time Bein' Bashed experience

This weekend I tried soloing Castilla mines, and yes I succeeded in finishing it all thanks to Angies +5 Barsene Hammer!!! Somehow my goodluck turns to bad due to my accidental buying of 200pcs of Turret Fix kit(100k/pc) which takes my 20m viz.....I already emailed Iah about it and is hoping to get my 20m viz back.

Am I hitting you on the right spot? hehehe

Kicking Chaos Dekaravia @ss with Angies construction skill using a newly crafted  +5 Barsene Hammer .

Castilla Mines raid solo success ^_^

So sleepy last night...and I bought the wrong item XD

In other news, I just left Pokemon faction from the fact that many are leaving. So, goodbye pokies am gonna miss you all.
Also, for the 1'st time in my life I've been bashed by someone who I thought was a nice person...... It just happens I forgot I'm in a high rate aggro mob area and this person is borrowing a ring, he goes to my spot at Red Sunset map and he just goes berserk when I downed his request. Now  I miss my best buddy Xelito(ign) who's been almost 3 months in the Singapore Army boot camp. I know Xelito for almost half a year in GE and he's the one who lend me his very precious ET(enhanced tactics ring) and Principal ring. Come back ingame sometime soon Xel. I just like to point out to all online players that who we are ingame reflects what kind of personality we have in real life.

Stay safe people and til' next time~♪

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Greenbelt Bloggers Meet

It's nice to see familiar faces like Tonio, Arvin, JD, Levi and meeting new bloggers. This time around we met up at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Greenbelt 3. Then later chow down at Red Crab courtesy of Arvin. Thanks Arvin for the treat ;)  

On my GE life, this past week :

- 1of our faction founders Magikarp left the faction XD
- Am now able to plant 2 crops in the farm, figured out that a Scarecrow is essential so that monsters won't attack the pets(Capy and Cockatrice, Tary).
-Fam level reach lvl 40 and 4% more to level up.
-On Viki's Expert stance quest, needs to step reach top floor of Clock Tower.
-Maxed expert stances of Marie and Claire.
-Added Barrel(starting level 100)
-Still doing Kielche heroes sidequest to trigger Winston NPC quest XD.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

ON Conquer 2013 Run

Finally I'm interested in running again, since last year I'm disappointed that Mizuno didn't have their annual fun run. This time, it's Optimum Nutrition, and I'm very much interested in joining the 12k run.

Here's the the website for the complete details:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last Day of 7 11 Selecta Hershey's Mug Promotion

I face the fact that I won't be able to  complete all 6 pieces, but then again I manage to grab a Kisses design....so long Hershey's Promo :(

Here's the pic of my mug <3 p="">
4/6 mugs, not bad ...almost got them all ^_^

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My 3rd Hershey's Mug/Angelica Costume

A couple of days ago I treat my supervisor with an icecream since it's his birthday. I got my 3rd mug with a Hersheys Heath design. Seems like some of the 7 11 stores don't have stocks anymore....hope I can get the Kisses design.

Also, on my GE(granado espada) life I got Brunie an Angelica costume along with an Indigo 9 pistol costume.  ~woot woot.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My 1st shirt design for 2013 :)

I'm planning to have this pressed on a plain white shirt later today. What do you guys think? ^_^

Friday, January 11, 2013

Granado Espada - Limited Signature Edition Box

After waiting for over  2 months I finally received a parcel claim form. I left my place quarter to 1 and arrived 3:25pm. It's a bit of a hassle and of course I payed P40 to claim my item at the post office near East Avenue. And here it is atlast - my GE tshirt....errrrr a Limited Signature Edition box. Well, it's ok I'll settle for the box rather than nothing.

My box number ^_^

Whats  inside the box:
Opening the 2nd page.
Boxed Music CD.

Installer, manual and Certificate :)

Basic controls guide.
A very sexy female scout on Disc 3 soundtrack.

A huge poster with guides on where to level up your family.

Lisa Lynway on Disc4 of the soundtrack.

Adelina on cd 2.

Female Musketeer on the 1st cd.
You can flip open the front page on the box .