Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reel Time - Salat(Bone Dry)

This episode was so touching...and a real eye opener. 2 out of every 10 kids in the Philippines are malnourished. It breaks my heart to see kids like Mary Rose in such situation, but I can't do nothing for there's hundreds and thousands of kids like her in the city. Mary Rose - she needs to borrow soap from her neighbor; fall asleep during class because of hunger....I'm a guy but I cried when I watched such things she experienced with such a young age.

The real challenge now is for those elected, and are now comfortably sitting at the government......I believe that the government is turning it's face the other side due to the fact that it wants the children, our new hope to be ignorant due to hunger, that way they can easily manipulate  it's citizen later on. I wish that there's someone with a big huge heart, elected to step up and do something about this issue.

Mary Rose' aftermath - she's now studying with thanks to sponsors who gave new life to her and her family. Her highschool and college is already set up ;). I'm happy for her, sad part is the government ain't doing nothing about it.

OST of Salat:

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