Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Survivor Philippines 4, 1'st elimination - Alyssa & Aifha Eliminated

Last week we saw the drama with Geneva leaving the game, as well as the tension between the pair of Aifha & Alyssa over a joke gone bad comment. That night, the castaways from Bulan tribe after their bonding moment goes their separate ways near their camp for awhile. Maribel then informed that she just wants some drama, and if it's her she'll vote out the least smart and least helpful although it's ok if she'll be voted.
The next day at Tala tribe- at long last they have fire,and  they have fun as they catch some "crablets". Maey & Betong tandem is ever so funny, trying to cope with their english speaking tribemates.
At the Bulan tribe, Arnold & Alyssa had a misunderstanding over a banana leaf wherein they later solve. However the impression that Aifha & Alyssa leave the guys with a negative impression, for earlier, the guys saw them eating their stock of coconut along with Stef. John told Arnold it's freaking hard to get those coconuts and Alyssa the girls wants to finish it all up. Mara on that day also mentioned she got a crush on John, and John thinks she's sweet - she's like a little sister(are you sure just a little sister? >:D). Later that day Arnold, John, Gino, Mara and Kc had a meeting regarding the alliance between Steff, Aifha & Alyssa. They solidify their alliance calling themselves the "power 5".  Then later on, Arnold lost the immunity bracelet. He informed John, who somewhat felt about it. The two of them try to scout the area in hope of retrieving the bracelet. The power 5 are the only ones who knew the bracelet went missing.
That night, the Tala tribe got a very unlikely visitor. Arthur was startled when he noticed something crawling to their camps location. He woke his fellow tribesmate for it's a snake - a cobra to be exact. It scared the hell out of Isabel, but luckily they shooed it away.
At the tribal council, Bulan tribe are welcomed by Richard who openly shows his dismay mentioning that the game Survivor got no room for quitters, waste of slot and opportunity for other individual who want to take part in the game. Before the casting of votes, Richard asked the Bulan tribe some question. He asked KC on why Geneva quits, and KC explained both side of the story - that he joined to win the game while her(Geneva) reason is to rekindled a spark in their relationship. He openly mentioned he could have chosen another partner instead. Richard then asked Maribel how Geneva leaving the game affects the tribe. Maribel stated it's better not to be with a person who's not mentally prepared so that it will not affect the whole tribe. And that she didn't feel her(Geneva) willing to be part of the tribe. Richard then asked Alyssa what she felt, and stated that it affected her in a way that theres no challenge between tribes and yet we're already down by one, it's a downer. Richard throws another question to Maribel, since she's considered the Mommy of the Bulan tribe, is she one of  the Tribe leader? She openly answers no, she just happens to be the eldest with the most experience in life wherein she can share to the tribe. Richard asked the pair of  Gino and Stef whats the score between the two of them and quickly answered "we're just friends". Now, for a killer question that gives life to Survivor; Richard throws a question to Aifha : Who's the strongest?, she said - volcanoes(John and Arnold). Richard then asked John who's the strongest & weakest, he answered: Strongest is KC & weakest is Alyssa. Richard then asked Alyssa if she thinks Maribel is accountable for their loss, and she answered no for they are not relaxed during the challenge. Maribel then bravely admits that shes accountable on that loss.
Richard lastly asked, on their opinion who's the real survivor, Maribel says KC and Gino; KC says it's Mommy Maribel. Finally after all the chit chats, Richard announced it's time to vote, not just one but two names is to be written.

Here's the result the drawing of votes:
1st vote   - Maribel & Mara
2nd vote  - Alyssa & Aifha
3rd vote  - Alyssa & Aifha
4th vote  - Maribel & Mara
5th vote  - Alyssa & Aifha
6th vote  - Alyssa & Aifha
7th vote  - Alyssa & Aifha
8th and 9th needed not announced, it's 5 votes already. (it was later shown it's 7 - 2 votes)

Thus, it's Alyssa and Aifha the 1st pair of castaways to be voted off the island.

May the good spirits protect all of you, and off the Bulan tribe back to their camp.

Aifha & Alyssa's parting word - thank you for the friendship you guys offered us in the few days that we've spent together in the island

Day 5, on the Tala tribe it's funny how Betong struggled to ask his fellow tribemates for help in setting up their meal. Both tribes later receive a treemail for their upcoming rewards challenge. Filo on the Tala tribe have a hard time eating for he lost his appetite.

Reward Challenge: Scoop A Ball
Reward: Spices, condiments, 2 huge lapulapu(grouper fish), fishing net, goggle and snorkling gears.

At the reward challenge, the game is Scoop a Ball. Teams will be scooping floating balls while trying to balance themselves on joined floating buoys. Both team have a goalie, first team to score 3 points wins the reward. Hands are used to paddle and can't touch the balls. Teams are given paddles with 2 holes to scoop the ball.

Tale needs to sit 3 members, they chose Ellen, Jackie & Angelicopter.
Goalies: Tala - Filo, Bulan - KC

And Bulan tribe wins this challenge, however a Temptation reward is offered wherein Mara and Maribel decided to accept.

Since the mom daughter tandem accepted the reward, one of them needs to go to the other tribe. Maribel goes to Tala, Mara stays at Bulan. The plan was to confuse the Tala tribe and be a liability, as Maribel explained.

As Bulan tribe enjoys their reward, Maribel went to to Tala tribe carrying a coconut. And indeed, she succeeded in annoying and confusing the Tala tribe members by telling them some of their members will be transfered to Bulan. Since it's very obvious why Maribel's suddenly on their tribe and tired of Maribels mind games, while Maribel is distracted the Tala girls snoop in her bag and the stuffs in it to check if theres an immunity bracelet, however they failed(she's hiding it in her privates, LOL).


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Survivor Philippines 4, Pilot Week Episode

The 4th installment of Survivor in the Philippines, aired on GMA 7, 9pm on weekdays.
Location, Palawan.
Price: P 3 million

The castaways begin in the ocean inside a cage, and they need to find a way to get out and swam to the shore. On the way they can grab floating bags(which contains needed tools to survive in the island). Upon reaching the shore, they need to crack open pots hanging by the tree. 2 pairs of immunity bracelets are hidden.

A lot of castaways struggled on swimming towards the shore and asked fellow castaways for help. First pair to get the immunity bracelet is John and Arnold(go volcanoes). The second bracelet fell on the near Stef and Rico's pair and didn't noticed it, wherein Isabel and Chuckie grabbed thus making them the 2nd pair with an immunity bracelet.

The 2 pairs who get the bracelets are then informed they will be split into 2 teams, and they can choose their tribemates alternately. Tribe names were Bulan and Tala.

Bulan tribe: John & Arnold; KC & Geneva; Stef & Gino; Maribel & Mara; Alyssa & Aifha

Tala tribe: Isabel & Chuckie; Arthur & Carlo; Jacki & Angelicopter; Ellen & Filo; Albert & Maey

On the 1st day, Geneva seems like distressed and it seems she's emotionally and mentally not prepared to take part on the challenges on the island. Arnold and John, makes the 1st move to make an alliance with KC  whom is anxious to accept. Aifha and Alyssa started to hit on the volcano boys, although it's a given Aifha stated she have a boyfriend(what the heck, your boyriend will see that, lol). Later that night, Aifha and Alyssa had a misunderstanding leading to a heated arguement about "who's true". Morning of the 2nd day, Geneva quits the game.

For the reward challenge, the castaways need to ride a boat to reach their destination. Unfortunately the weather is terribly bad and the castaways are relieved and thanked God for their lives(literally).Does, making them closer to their fellow castaways. The production decided to halt the challenge to let the castaways recover.

Next day, it's an Immunity and Rewards challenge. Teams need to finish an obstacle course, and a puzzle phrase at the end. First team to finish and decipher the puzzle wins. Bulan tribe makes a huge gap on the obstacle course does making them solve the puzzle first. Bulan team puzzle solvers shouted the phrase although its incomplete which is a null, so in the end, it was Tala team who won. Bulan tribe  leaves the area, and Richard announced to Tala tribe they have a Temptation Reward, but only a pair can engage on the reward. The tribe decided for Jackie & Angelicopter to take it. As the rest of the Tala tribe leaves, the pair is tempted with an immunity bracelet, however the score is if they take it, they will be separated and if ever one of them is eliminated the other pair on the other tribe is automatically eliminated as well. They think about it and decides to decline the offer.

Back at camp, Bulan boys are deciding who to vote off, thinking of how to strengthen their tribe. They also decided to move to a new location since theres a huge wasp hive near their camp. Later that night, Arnold introduce a dance ritual to his tribe - the Bulan dance as they call it(lol). They somewhat had an open session, and Maribel openly bids her farewell asking her tribemates to vote her off. She informs she already have fame and fortune and it's only because of Mara why she participated, 3 days is enough for her old body - and that she's happy surviving 3 days compared to Geneva who quits(lol again).

Airing on Monday, the 1st Tribal Council...1 down, 18 to go.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Fun & Wet Energizer Night Run

It's freaking fun and it's my first time to experience running at night. Not to mention it's raining. I wear my lion headgear - roar, and it's really really nice finishing the race with a good run time(although I forgot to check my time @_@). What I know is that it's a nice run, seeing a lot of people enjoying, and there's even kids- now moms and dads, make sure give them kids lots of vitamin c ok ;)  Here's some pics and short vids I took during and before the run. ^_^V

Me and my Boss at work ;)

Lotsa people.

Fireworks before the start of the race.


Here's a short clip before the run at the assembly area.
And here's during the actual run on those dreadgeful road(literally some of the roads are nasty with lots of mud puddle).