Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Fun & Wet Energizer Night Run

It's freaking fun and it's my first time to experience running at night. Not to mention it's raining. I wear my lion headgear - roar, and it's really really nice finishing the race with a good run time(although I forgot to check my time @_@). What I know is that it's a nice run, seeing a lot of people enjoying, and there's even kids- now moms and dads, make sure give them kids lots of vitamin c ok ;)  Here's some pics and short vids I took during and before the run. ^_^V

Me and my Boss at work ;)

Lotsa people.

Fireworks before the start of the race.


Here's a short clip before the run at the assembly area.
And here's during the actual run on those dreadgeful road(literally some of the roads are nasty with lots of mud puddle).

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