Saturday, November 19, 2011

Survivor Philippines 4, Pilot Week Episode

The 4th installment of Survivor in the Philippines, aired on GMA 7, 9pm on weekdays.
Location, Palawan.
Price: P 3 million

The castaways begin in the ocean inside a cage, and they need to find a way to get out and swam to the shore. On the way they can grab floating bags(which contains needed tools to survive in the island). Upon reaching the shore, they need to crack open pots hanging by the tree. 2 pairs of immunity bracelets are hidden.

A lot of castaways struggled on swimming towards the shore and asked fellow castaways for help. First pair to get the immunity bracelet is John and Arnold(go volcanoes). The second bracelet fell on the near Stef and Rico's pair and didn't noticed it, wherein Isabel and Chuckie grabbed thus making them the 2nd pair with an immunity bracelet.

The 2 pairs who get the bracelets are then informed they will be split into 2 teams, and they can choose their tribemates alternately. Tribe names were Bulan and Tala.

Bulan tribe: John & Arnold; KC & Geneva; Stef & Gino; Maribel & Mara; Alyssa & Aifha

Tala tribe: Isabel & Chuckie; Arthur & Carlo; Jacki & Angelicopter; Ellen & Filo; Albert & Maey

On the 1st day, Geneva seems like distressed and it seems she's emotionally and mentally not prepared to take part on the challenges on the island. Arnold and John, makes the 1st move to make an alliance with KC  whom is anxious to accept. Aifha and Alyssa started to hit on the volcano boys, although it's a given Aifha stated she have a boyfriend(what the heck, your boyriend will see that, lol). Later that night, Aifha and Alyssa had a misunderstanding leading to a heated arguement about "who's true". Morning of the 2nd day, Geneva quits the game.

For the reward challenge, the castaways need to ride a boat to reach their destination. Unfortunately the weather is terribly bad and the castaways are relieved and thanked God for their lives(literally).Does, making them closer to their fellow castaways. The production decided to halt the challenge to let the castaways recover.

Next day, it's an Immunity and Rewards challenge. Teams need to finish an obstacle course, and a puzzle phrase at the end. First team to finish and decipher the puzzle wins. Bulan tribe makes a huge gap on the obstacle course does making them solve the puzzle first. Bulan team puzzle solvers shouted the phrase although its incomplete which is a null, so in the end, it was Tala team who won. Bulan tribe  leaves the area, and Richard announced to Tala tribe they have a Temptation Reward, but only a pair can engage on the reward. The tribe decided for Jackie & Angelicopter to take it. As the rest of the Tala tribe leaves, the pair is tempted with an immunity bracelet, however the score is if they take it, they will be separated and if ever one of them is eliminated the other pair on the other tribe is automatically eliminated as well. They think about it and decides to decline the offer.

Back at camp, Bulan boys are deciding who to vote off, thinking of how to strengthen their tribe. They also decided to move to a new location since theres a huge wasp hive near their camp. Later that night, Arnold introduce a dance ritual to his tribe - the Bulan dance as they call it(lol). They somewhat had an open session, and Maribel openly bids her farewell asking her tribemates to vote her off. She informs she already have fame and fortune and it's only because of Mara why she participated, 3 days is enough for her old body - and that she's happy surviving 3 days compared to Geneva who quits(lol again).

Airing on Monday, the 1st Tribal Council...1 down, 18 to go.


  1. Cool one:) really enjoying reading it!! Its been long haven't watch survivor since... 2006 I may recall:)
    Well ellaborated,it's seems that I'm watching the show!!:)
    Good Luck to Volcano Boys:))

  2. so interesting, parang pinanood ko narin habang binabasa.. papost na lang mga susunod na kabanata... :)