Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cosmania 2014 aftermath

This years Cosmania event was held again at SMX, dated October 4-5. I brought my nephew on the event to let him have a taste of the fun and tiring day of a cosplayer. As for my experience this year, I'm not happy with it...happy to see old faces at the event but not satisfied with my costume/props. This is not the 1st time I cosplayed, and if I'm to compared for example last year there's a big difference. I'm not gonna drop names, instead I'm gonna mentioned inspiring feats liked Rigie Gatus who in turn even though I haven't commissioned still have a helping hand to fix and patch things up. I commissioned him last year for the shotgun on my Lorch Furholden cosplay and the shotgun was great specially when I add up the feathers(it's an angel shotgun). This year I told myself I want to layback a bit from the stress of going back and forth buying materials, going to the tailor, etc.; so I told myself it's ok to throw in some extra few bucks. It's around July, 2 more months- a lot of time, so there's no way it could possibly go wrong right. Here's what's going on in my mind: last year is tiring but everything is almost perfect(I didn't color my hair blond since Lorchs is blonde) and I didn't spend a lot specially on my costume. This year- I visit smx twice because I need to pick up the costume which is delayed big time, and much more to add to the disappoinment are the shortcomings=error on the design of the main coat of the musketeer for it's zippered instead of buttons/not proportioned- specially on the waist, no gloves, the shoulder armor ain't attached yet/too big, boots armor is not properly attached, no weapons inshort I spend more, I lose more time, I gained more stress...bottomline-make your own costume to save time and money and select trusted people in the industry.

PS: Thanks to Rigie, fixing my boots armor and to aka Katana who promised to give a revised/better version of the automatic magnums(indigo 9 pistols ingame of  GE) free of charge.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cosmania 2014

Cosmania 2014 will be held at SMX this coming October. I already commissioned someone for my costume and weapon. I'll be cosplaying a character from Granado Espada again, this time it's the Musketeer. See you guys at Cosmania. Reference pics below on my cosmania 2014 cosplay project.

Granado Espada - Male Musketeer

The hairstyle 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hong Kong Asian 7s 2014

On August 23-24 of this year our rugby team will face off against the best asian countries. Congratulations to those who made it in the list and kick some ass.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

FILA shoes and lace

After almost a year when I've won a Fila lightup lace, atlast I can finally use it. I told myself that if I ain't gonna get a pair of fila shoes then no way will I use the lace. I bought a pair of new running shoes and it matches perfectly with the lace color. Hope I can attend a night run again, this will be perfect.

Lace lights off.

Lights on.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Philippines(Volcanoes) vs Korea 05242014

The 2nd match was held at Southern Plains Field, Calamba Laguna. We rented a van to have a comfy trip(there's 11 of us). Although our guys lost the match, am sure they will do a lot better next year. Pagpasensyahan na po ang haggard kong mukha(and unfit body X_x) at ala pang tulog. Til' next year for the home matches again!

thnx kessica for the wacky pic

thnx kessica
thnx kessica
thnx kat
thnx kat

best pic of all hehehe