Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cosmania 2014 aftermath

This years Cosmania event was held again at SMX, dated October 4-5. I brought my nephew on the event to let him have a taste of the fun and tiring day of a cosplayer. As for my experience this year, I'm not happy with it...happy to see old faces at the event but not satisfied with my costume/props. This is not the 1st time I cosplayed, and if I'm to compared for example last year there's a big difference. I'm not gonna drop names, instead I'm gonna mentioned inspiring feats liked Rigie Gatus who in turn even though I haven't commissioned still have a helping hand to fix and patch things up. I commissioned him last year for the shotgun on my Lorch Furholden cosplay and the shotgun was great specially when I add up the feathers(it's an angel shotgun). This year I told myself I want to layback a bit from the stress of going back and forth buying materials, going to the tailor, etc.; so I told myself it's ok to throw in some extra few bucks. It's around July, 2 more months- a lot of time, so there's no way it could possibly go wrong right. Here's what's going on in my mind: last year is tiring but everything is almost perfect(I didn't color my hair blond since Lorchs is blonde) and I didn't spend a lot specially on my costume. This year- I visit smx twice because I need to pick up the costume which is delayed big time, and much more to add to the disappoinment are the shortcomings=error on the design of the main coat of the musketeer for it's zippered instead of buttons/not proportioned- specially on the waist, no gloves, the shoulder armor ain't attached yet/too big, boots armor is not properly attached, no weapons inshort I spend more, I lose more time, I gained more stress...bottomline-make your own costume to save time and money and select trusted people in the industry.

PS: Thanks to Rigie, fixing my boots armor and to aka Katana who promised to give a revised/better version of the automatic magnums(indigo 9 pistols ingame of  GE) free of charge.


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