Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Greenbelt Bloggers Meet

It's nice to see familiar faces like Tonio, Arvin, JD, Levi and meeting new bloggers. This time around we met up at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Greenbelt 3. Then later chow down at Red Crab courtesy of Arvin. Thanks Arvin for the treat ;)  

On my GE life, this past week :

- 1of our faction founders Magikarp left the faction XD
- Am now able to plant 2 crops in the farm, figured out that a Scarecrow is essential so that monsters won't attack the pets(Capy and Cockatrice, Tary).
-Fam level reach lvl 40 and 4% more to level up.
-On Viki's Expert stance quest, needs to step reach top floor of Clock Tower.
-Maxed expert stances of Marie and Claire.
-Added Barrel(starting level 100)
-Still doing Kielche heroes sidequest to trigger Winston NPC quest XD.


  1. Welcome. Finally, we've met. Ay twice na pala. Nice meeting u again :D

  2. Ingats sa byahe kya arvin ;) til' next time :)