Monday, February 25, 2013

Castilla Mines Solo Raid / My 1st Time Bein' Bashed experience

This weekend I tried soloing Castilla mines, and yes I succeeded in finishing it all thanks to Angies +5 Barsene Hammer!!! Somehow my goodluck turns to bad due to my accidental buying of 200pcs of Turret Fix kit(100k/pc) which takes my 20m viz.....I already emailed Iah about it and is hoping to get my 20m viz back.

Am I hitting you on the right spot? hehehe

Kicking Chaos Dekaravia @ss with Angies construction skill using a newly crafted  +5 Barsene Hammer .

Castilla Mines raid solo success ^_^

So sleepy last night...and I bought the wrong item XD

In other news, I just left Pokemon faction from the fact that many are leaving. So, goodbye pokies am gonna miss you all.
Also, for the 1'st time in my life I've been bashed by someone who I thought was a nice person...... It just happens I forgot I'm in a high rate aggro mob area and this person is borrowing a ring, he goes to my spot at Red Sunset map and he just goes berserk when I downed his request. Now  I miss my best buddy Xelito(ign) who's been almost 3 months in the Singapore Army boot camp. I know Xelito for almost half a year in GE and he's the one who lend me his very precious ET(enhanced tactics ring) and Principal ring. Come back ingame sometime soon Xel. I just like to point out to all online players that who we are ingame reflects what kind of personality we have in real life.

Stay safe people and til' next time~♪

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