Sunday, March 10, 2013

Raon Adventure

I went to Raon at Quiapo today around 3pm. I met up with a good friend of mine Kuya Marc. He's looking for an antenna and I accompany him. Before we go hunting, we ate the famous Lumpiang sariwa at Globe, not the telecom service its a lumpia specialty shop(they only serve lumpiang sariwa and it's so well known and famous it got featured in tv) and it was so good- yum!!! Then we go at Raon area and there I discovered the shops selling cheap videoke machines, gym equipments, and a lot more. It was fun roaming Quiapo, but if you guys are planning to visit be sure to be observant of the people around you.

Before heading home, I manage to grab a black onyx bracelet accessory. It's cheap costing P100 only at a stall inside Shop Wise Cubao.

Also, last Thursday I decided to get my left ear pierced. It wasn't that bad, it's like an ant is biting me for like 20 minutes, afterwards it's ok. I just need to put baby oil on my piercing though and it will take about a month before I can take off and replace my current stud earring. Main reason why I pierced my ear - I bought a pair of earring with sapphire stone and gave one to my brother. I definitely want to use the other 1 hehe.

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