Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to download themes for your BB phones

If you manage to find a theme thats not included on bb apps world, follow these simple instruction:

1. First download the new theme to your PC and unzip it if necessary. 
2. Plug your Blackberry to your computer and open your Desktop Manager software.
3. Select Application Loader. Choose 'Open', then 'Add' 
4. . When the dialog box opens up, find the 'alx' file associated with the theme you have just downloaded, select it, and click OK.

Once  your bb reboot, enjoy your new theme. ^_^V

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Throw your support to our very own Rugby Team - Philippine Volcanoes

3 days ago they whoop some ass defeating 3/4 teams. In 3 weeks time theyll be up for more matches so lets all support them ;) Images courtesy of pusangkalye ^_^V

Woo hoo ;)

they say multiply's old news so here i am creating my blogs on blogger starting today ;)