Saturday, December 3, 2011

4 Quits on Survivor Ph Season 4, Tala's 2nd Tribal council

It's quite interesting for this week, 2 pairs as in 4 individual quits the game. It's likely they have a heated arguement with the host(LOL). Bulan wins the challenge which sends the Tala tribe along with their new member Maribel. Thus, the host mentioned it's a batch of castaways with the most whiners. On Jackie and Angelicopters case, they are concerned about their safety. Then regarding their stay at the island, Ellen calls Maribel crazy and is like the cancer affecting their tribe - that she's a compulsive and that she doesn't think before she speak. And it was later answered by Maribel that part of the game is freedom of speech and that's how she plays the game, surviving already for 6 days. Then, Richard then told the castaways that they could quit if they think it's too much for them. Before the casting of votes, Angelicopter says it's game over for casting of votes this time folks and there goes Jackie and Angelicopter. Richards parting words to the castaways, ...Sa larong survivor hindi ka tatagal pag mahina ang loob mo,  there's no room for quitters here in this game....

For me, no matter how dirty it is, it's still part of the game. Remember on Survivor US, a player even killed a family member on his makeup story just to win a certain challenge.

Jackie and Angelicopters parting word - it's their choice to quit the game, and they say they can fight til the end and that kaya naman nila(duh, they why quit? LOL).

Back at Tala's camp, Filo and Ellen tandem decided to quit. As Ellen explained, she forced Filo on joining and his hearts not into playing the game, and that her relationship with Filo is more important than the game of survivor. So bye bye Ellen and Filo. A lot of quitters on this season, making it easier for the rest of the remaining castaways, haha.

Why the heck is a news scene included?? And why did the production team took the castaways to a safe spot?? LOL, Survivor Ph is insane in breaking it's own rules, compared to the original survivor game @_@ . 
At Tala, Betong is kinda missing Jackie and Angelicopters tandem, and that Maribel succeeded in her plan to confuse the tribe. And Maribel is really crazy, LOL, I love her, she knows what she's doing and executing it well. The Tala tribe is cautious with Maribel, that they should be careful with the immunity bracelets.
Then at Bulan, Stefs given a treatment on her skinned back to avoid infection. Then Annabel and Ruffa G. visits both tribes, along with the announcement regarding the upcoming challenge - a Production number.

Reward Challenge: That's Entertainment - Production Number with theme of "Partnership"
Reward: Breakfast buffet + 3 egg laying chickens

At the rewards challenge, Bulan tribe members are surprised to see that 4 individuals quit the game on last nights tribal council. The Tala tribe are confident that they will win the reward for majority of them are entertainers unlike Bulan who got athletes. First to performs the Tala tribe, then Bulan - both with a funny story line. But in the end it was Bulan who won the challenge. Bulan 83.5% Tala 66%. As usual, Bulan is given a Temptation reward, with the Volcano boys to take it or not.They are offered P100k + food in exchange of giving their Reward challenge to be given to the other tribe. They refuse it(good job guys ^_^).

Morning came, and the Bulan tribe enjoyed the reward starting with a prayer. At Tala, they reconstruct damaged parts of their shelter. They are plotting to vote out Maribel, but they need to find out first if she got an immunity bracelet or not. It's funny how Betong acts out as a dj. At the same time, a lot noticed how sweet Chuckie and Isabel are, wherein Chuckie explained theres no malice in it. At Bulan, they relocate their shelter and Arnie getting coconuts as he mentioned learnt it only at survivor(be careful climbing trees).

Immunity Challenge:  Seafood endurance challenge - castaways need to stand and carry a net of seafoods on shoulder levels. The moment hands past the marker on their waist they are out of the challenge.
But, the moment a castaway is out, the net they carrying is to be transferred to their selected tribesmate.

Reward: Immunity + 6 kilos seafoods

Since Tala got 7 members, they need to sit out someone and it's Betong.

All players standing with 1kilo of seafoods.
Mara and Isabel are the 1st on both tribes to pass on their nets.

 Out: Tala - Isabel; Bulan - Mara
Carlo and Gino - 2 kilos; the rest 1 kilo.

Then Carlo is out, giving his nets to Maribel(Lol on this)

Out: Tala - Carlo, Isabel; Bulan - Mara
Maribel - 3 kilos; Gino - 2 kilos; the rest 1 kilo.

Then Maribel transferred her nets to Arthur, and Ginos to KC.
Out: Tala - Maribel, Carlo, Isabel; Bulan - Mara, Gino
Arthur - 4 kilos; KC - 3 kilos; the rest 1 kilo.

Later on, Stef passd on her nets to Arnold.
Out: Tala - Maribel, Carlo, Isabel; Bulan - Steg, Mara, Gino
Arnold - 2 kilos; Arthur - 4 kilos; KC - 3 kilos; the rest 1 kilo.

Then KC got tired and pass it on, as well as Arthur who give the nets to Maey, unfortunately he didn't properly pass it so 1 net falls making Maey out and needing to immediately pass it on to Chuckie. So now it's 2 Bulan, the Volcano boys against Chuckie who's carrying 6 kilos. And later the obvious, Bulan wins immunity(yey) which sends Tala again for tribal council.

Before leaving, Gino secretly give an immunity bracelet to Maribel wherein Maey saw. Thus making a commotion on their tribe. Tala members even saw Gino with the sign of C to be voted out(C for Chuckie).Isabel pleaded for Maribel to not vote for him for his mom is battling with 4th stage cancer. Maribel is somewhat in a bad mood as well upon hearing Carlo mentioning "basta uuwi ang mag ina"(Mara  & Maribel).

At camp, Bulan tribe members are enjoying their crabs which is Johns first crab experience(lol). Meanwhile, at Tala's camp, all are on watch of Maribel. They decided to vote for her. Feeling all eyes on her, Maribel sets herself away from fellow Tala tribes mate. Thus, Isabel confronts Maribel who later gave word to her that she'll vote for either Maey's or  Carlo's pair. Thus, Maey and Betong are willing to be voted, knowing the situation the tribe is in.

At tribal council, Maribel and Carlo got a heated discussion. On the casting of votes, Chuckie & Isabel used their bracelet, as well as Maribel. Thus all votes on them are nulled giving way for a revote. In the end, it was Maribel who's voted off. Thus, Bulans plan to make Tala use Isabel and Chuckie's immunity bracelet goes into plan, although the downfall is with the expense of Maribel exiting the game.

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