Thursday, January 16, 2014

New member of our family - new pup Panda

We just got a new puppy the other day, just turned 1 month and a mixed breed of pitbul X japanese spitz. Such a cute little puppy with a panda look, that's why we named him Panda. He doesn't have a tail although his siblings got teenie weenie tails, about an inch long ahaha. Here's his pic:

My only concern is that he got fleas, which made him whimper somethimes when he scratches his fur :(  So I made a little research and some of the tips are actually good. One is using a dishwashing liquid soap, and bath the puppy with lukewarm water avoiding his eyes. Spray the soap 1st on the pup before wettiing him and after that quickly dry him off with a towel or blow dryer so that he won't get cold.

Another one is using lemon juice to be mixed on shampoo and again just like above, use lukewarm water.

I'll give him a bath when I get home later to relieve him of his flea nightmare.

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