Sunday, April 22, 2012

Philippines Rugby Team, Volcanoes on top of the A5N series

Me and a couple of friends watch the match between our volcano boys versus Srilanka. The boys successfully done tries on the first half putting pressure on Srilanka. The match is intense and you can feel the excitement all around the stadium, specially on the final half wherein Srilanka almost catch up. In the end the Volcanoes triumphs over Srilanka. After the match, it's great to see the boys run around the stadium to greet the fans and trully it's one of those special moment that you can say AWESOME!!!

As I know, the top winner of the A5N tourney is entitled for a qualifier match for the World Cup. So cheers to the Volcanoes, and thanks for all those who throw their support.

Here's some pics courtesy of  Kc(my bb died down on me on the most important moment T_T)

Btw, here's Kc's blogpage:

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  1. nice, that's really good to hear.. more power!! and go lang ng go!!! :P