Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Yesterday I felt like my chest is burning...specially when I burp. Also, it's like my throat got a pill or something stuck in it. I really feel weird and thought maybe it's my tummy acting up and I just need to burp it out(the gas inside my tummy). Well, I was wrong for my supervisor at work experienced the same thing and it's what we called heartburn. As I traced my actions these past week, I over eat, I barely exercise and I sleep after eating >_<.  I better be careful of my unhealthy habit or else it will catch up on me.

Here's some faq's on heartburn:

  * The word 'heartburn' is derived from the Greek root 'pyr' meaning fire and heat. The medical term for it is pyrosis.
* Heartburn is not medically related to the heart. It is a burning sensation behind the breastbone caused when the lower esophageal sphincter malfunctions letting gastric acid flow up from the stomach into the esophagus.
* Battery acid is almost equal in strength to stomach, gastric acid.
* Approximately 1 out of 10 Americans get heartburn every day. That's roughly 25 million people.
* The Italians call heartburn 'bruciore di stomaco' which means 'stomach burn.'
* Nora Ephron wrote the script for the 1986 movie Heartburn, a movie directed by Mike Nichols. It was based on her novel with the same name and starred Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson. It was largely autobiographical and depicted the sad antics of a pregnant woman and her philandering husband. It opened to mixed reviews at the box office.
* For most people, heartburn is mild and occasional. However, if you encounter it daily and often or have symptoms like trouble swallowing, seek professional help. Make an appointment with your doctor. It may be a symptom of a more serious medical condition.

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