Monday, December 31, 2012

Onwards to 2013

Sure the 2012 ain't so good for me, but I got a feeling 2013 is a great  year for me ^_^ Anyway, I have a workshift and luckily the company  provided us who are on shift a meal to celebrate the New Year and it's a yummy feast bought from Racks, woot. Aside from that, I treat my officemates with a Selecta Hershey's icecream from 7 11 and look what I got - a limited edition mug . For every purchase of any 1.5L Hershey's icecream you get 1 mug. It's great to start off the year 2013 with a prayer. Stay safe and God bless everyone!!!

      Another mug for me, yey ^_^
The mug is neatly boxed :) I think there's 5 designs to collect.


  1. I treat mo rin ako ng hersey. lol Happy New Year!

    1. musta na dyan? :D kaw daw magtreat samin pag uwi mo hehe ;) Happy New Year din ^_^

  2. A Hershey's mug! hehe. I love Hershey's. Happy new year po! :)