Tuesday, January 1, 2013

GE (Granado Espada) rnpc's

It's been a couple of months I've been playing this game again and it's a very good stress reliever on my part. Below is a screen shot of 3 of my characters. Controlling cute characters like them sure is fun - Claire is the one holding the huge cannon, Bernelli is the shotgun user and Elisa is the healer/support. Also, I persuaded my officemates to share and buy a Selecta Hersheys icecream again, making it icecream day 2. Yey, another mug for me :)

Boom boom bang bang with a cannon and a shotgun.

2/6 mugs :D 4 more to go...


  1. Wow, dalawa na mug mo? Ilan ang balak niyo kolektahin hehe :))

    1. 6 to collect eh...kung ilan na lang ang makakaya hehe. Promo will end last day of January. ^_^