Friday, January 4, 2013

Hard Boiled Egg?!!!

TGIF guys(or rather TGIS),  last night was the last day of my shift at work and finally it's day off - yey! Usually I order chili con carne at  7 11 + bottled soya drink - it' my favorite combo. I also got myself a dole banana and sometimes balut(or balot) and hard boiled eggs. What's funny is that 1 of the hard boiled egg smells funny when I cracked it open...even my manager says it kinda smells. So into the trash you bad rotten egg :P

Moral lesson: Most of us just normally eat these food and it's good to make it a habit that most of  the time smell it or else your tummy and ass will suffer the consequences haha.

Happy weekend everyone!!!

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